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why me?!!! i don't undertsand!!! 08/04/2012

why me?!!! i don't undertsand!!!

why me?!!! i don't undertsand!!!


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Aurora Aksnes a.k.a. AURORA

She started writing songs when she was nine. Writing only for her self, she never thought of putting her music out there and performing it until she recorded "Puppet Song"- a song she wrtitten when she was 14,as a present for her parents. Her mother upon hearing her song ,encouraged her to share her music; telling her that music like this should not be caged but heard.

Bless her mother.

She's twenty now and has released her debut album "All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend" in 2016.

So many achievements to cite but it doesn't really matter.
I don't think she cares so much for awards too. She just wants to put her music out there for the people who needs it.

Go check her out, guys.

Her music is ethereal, and she as a person is out of this world.

Aa for me, I only wish to see her perform live. Okay maybe actually meet and talk to her? 'cause that would be jakskdbeixpamwdmoduep!!!

...........<3 <3 <3..........

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